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关于珍惜时间的诗句 愚人节英文整人短信

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Due to the "peace" to fall, to prevent damage to your phone, please turn off a week to secure!


Laid-off men don't look back, with two big axes; Run into a big style with a roar, the moves when it's necessary to make moves。


English tongue twister test: will peace - war - found repeated quickly read three times, fluent and no error proof the spoken English skill。


There was a sincere love I did not cherish, until after losing to regret。 If give me a chance, I will said to the girl three words: stay away from me!


When you see this message, congratulations, you have 99 competitors from, you won the love, I want to come out to celebrate? Happy April fool's day!


April fool's day is coming, I wish the world the wisest man often seems stupid fool, fool is more foolish, happy fool, it is a fool。 ZhuYu people happy April fool's day。


There was a true love, I didn't treasure, lost only regret, if can come again, I would say: I love you。 If you want to choose, I hope is: April fool's day!


Dear of, I started missing you again, my love to you everyday at huge increase, because someone tell me: pork markup, you can sell a good price!


You handsome, cool, and can't parables, you head pot hand carry cabbage, always think oneself is east don't hurt, in fact you are a fool the second generation!


Notice: tomorrow above leadership inspection work, each colleague dressing, as required, please man: suit tie shorts slippers; Ms: swimsuit trousers for leather shoes!


Teach you a happy spell; AnSiZhu AnSiZhu AnSiZhi bamboo AnSiZhi pure bamboo, congratulations you learned to shandong dialect; I is a pig I'm pig, I is a pig I was a jerk。


Someone kua you, I worry, worry about other people kua enough; This has no intention of different, how do you taste; As the typical failure, your family is so successful。


Is used to lay eggs, chicken cow is living on dry, the cat went very seriously, sheep are barbecue in the future, a dog is a let a person to be used, you are waiting for ones。


I want to be emperor, afraid of bothersome; Get promoted, and uncertain; Want to eat, afraid to brush pot; Really want to beat you, again afraid to bring calamity。 Happy April fool's day。


As Confucius said, a fight, brick on face on, unfavorable LuanHu; Seems not to deny, deny the almost to the dead; By death or don't pull down can also; Not the dead is a hero too!


The emergence of you made me sleepless nights; Your voice makes me happy; Your kiss on my body left unforgettable testimony。 So, I don't sleep tonight will wait for you, dead mosquitoes。


Please call 110 if you look ugly。 Please call 120 if you are out of shape。 Please call 119 if you have a bad temper。 If you think you're beautiful, please call my mobile phone, discuss……


Notice: after receiving the SMS, please get a Mid-Autumn festival souvenirs to civil administration branch, including an exquisite moon cake box, containing scoop a month circle, need some moon cakes slag。


A beautiful pig fart dian fart, ran to the front of you, looking at you with adoring eyes, his tail, swing the ass。 Singing a song to you: after be brought up, I became you! Happy April fool's day!


Went out to buy cold beef, suddenly a man with a dog, the dog eagerly follow my hand cold beef ran, the master took it in time, I clearly heard the master and the dog said: rational point!


At work again, are you? I more than once said to you don't work so hard, pay attention to the body。 Can you always meaningful said: not much warm days roll how many mucks ball, winter what I eat。


Experts recently invented a multipurpose computer plate, the plate of soft of time call a floppy disk, after erection becomes hard disk, after its appearance, can become a CD。 Happy April fool's day!


I said: every miss you once the stars fall a drop of tears, the sea is like this form。 Each time you say: think I you put a fart, the ozone layer are formed in this way。 I wish you a happy April fool's day!


The classmates, read English for "should give interest" when the President; Read as "hard to change history" became a politician。 I read dead tired "should" do the company employees。 How do you read that?


Work is more and more busy, too tired to don't come to bed, increasing pressure, all let the fear of life, and when more and more boring, but I can give you instant message, hey hey! Happy April fool's day!


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